Customized Protein Services

Customized Protein Services

We provide custom recombinant protein production using suspension mammalian cells (HEK293 or CHO) growing in chemical-defined media, allowing large-scale protein production up to gram level. We can conduct custom protein expression through both transient and stable transfection.


Custom-made recombinant proteins are expressed and purified via a His-tag or as a fusion protein, e.g., human IgG1-derived Fc- or GST-fusion that often increases protein expression level, solubility and/or yield. Additional epitope tags (e.g., HA, Myc), fluorescent proteins (GFP, RFP), enzymes (HRP, luciferase) and other affinity tags (e.g., StreptAvidin, Protein A or G) can also be used for monitoring expression and further purifying your protein of interest


  • Amendment in the already existing Protocols
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