Glycemic Index Testing


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Glycemic Index Services

The glycemic index (GI) is an inherent property of carbohydrate-containing foods and beverages. The GI is a tool generally used to promote better blood sugar management. Several factors affect the GI a food, including its nutrient composition, cooking method, ripeness, and the amount of processing it has undergone. GI is a way to categorize foods based on how their consumption will affect your blood glucose levels.
The glycemic concept is already being used as a means of differentiating products in the food industry. In line with the recommendations of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, Nutrition Information and/or Facts Panels are provided on the labels of packaged foods in many developed and developing nations to help consumers make informed choices. The use of the GI is the most prominent form of labeling in the marketplace to date, and the use of GI symbol programs and other labeling initiatives are considered.
GI is determined using a costly and time-consuming in vivo method. Our in-house in vitro analytical method allows the accurate prediction of the GI of a food product. Nevertheless, we also consider in vivo GI assessment as per the client’s request.