GMO Testing

GMO Testing Services

Routine GMO detection is indispensable to prevent cross contamination where genetically modified (GM) crops can inadvertently get into non-GM food/feed production. GM food, food additives, animal feed, and processing aides necessitate comprehensive safety tests before entering the marketplace. GMO testing is crucial for producers/exporters/importers to comply specified regulatory and commercial contract requirements besides ensuring internal quality control. Genetic analysis is a GMO testing method precisely detects the existence of a transgene in a plant cell’s genome. The specific GMO test utilized in this method is called the real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test.


AAL Biosciences offers comprehensive GMO detection services utilizing state-ofthe-art RT-PCR based tests for entire agricultural and food supply-chain including agricultural production, food processing, and final retail consumption to confirm if they have been produced by genetic engineering. RT-PCR based screening methods to identify the GMO is a cost-effective approach to distinguish between an authorized and unauthorized GMO.