Micro Arrays


  • We provides Microarray end-to-end services using Illumina Technology


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Microarray Services

A microarray is a technology to detect the expression of thousands of genes at the same time. The human genome contains approximately 21,000 genes. At any given moment, each of our cells has some combination of these genes turned on, and others are turned off. DNA microarray analysis is a technique to determine whether genes are on or off.

Microarray allows to perform an experiment on thousands of genes at the same time.

  • Each spot on a microarray contains multiple identical strands of DNA.
  • The DNA sequence on each spot is unique.
  • Each spot represents one gene.
  • Thousands of spots are arrayed in orderly rows and columns on a solid surface (usually glass).
  • The precise location and sequence of each spot is recorded in a computer database.
  • Microarrays can be the size of a microscope slide, or even smaller.