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Microbial Identification
Microbial Identification Services

Microbial characterization by a limited spectrum of tests pre-chosen and appropriate to the problem being studied. The objective of microbial identification is to differentiate one microbial isolate from another, and then to place that isolate into a family (genus) and a species or even as a particular strain. The main taxonomic terms of importance to Microbial Identification Services are:

Family: a group of related genera.

Genus: a group of related species.

Species: a group of related strains.


Requirement: DNA and Primer Information

Sanger Sequencing upto 700 bp (unidirectional)

Sanger Sequencing upto 1500 bp (bidirectional, contiq can be provided in .txt)

Obligate anaerobes (We need only DNA for this kind of Organism)