Magnetic Beads Based Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit

Magnetic Beads based Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit

Ready-to-use prefilled Deep well plates, for purifying Nucleic Acid from mammalian cells and total viral nucleic acids in a final volume of up to 50 µL with the AAL Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit.
For general laboratory use.

Principle of Extraction Kit

The samples are lysed by incubation with Proteinase K and a lysis buffer containing a chaotropic salt.
Magnetic Beads are added and nucleic acids are immobilized on the Magnetic bead surfaces.
Unbound debris, proteins, PCR inhibitors are removed by several washing steps.
Purified nucleic acids are eluted from the magnetic beads.
The AAL Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit is specifically designed to isolate highly purified nucleic acid from mammalian whole blood, blood cells, buffy coat, or cultured cells, and total nucleic acids. The purified nucleic acids can be used in PCR or RT-PCR on the Quant Studio 5 and other thermal cyclers.

Kit Contents

2 Prefilled Deep well Plates (32 Reactions)
2 Pairs of combs

Other Types of Kit available

Manual Extraction of Nucleic Acid using magnetic separator: 100/200 Reactions Kit