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Cell biology is also referred to as Cellular Biology or Cytology. It is an eminent discipline of biology that deals with the study of the basic unit of life – the cell. The whole procedure is performed by a team of scientists (cell biologists) at a designed place named cell biology laboratory. If you search for the best cell biology lab services in India, this blog contains some valuable knowledge for you! It compiles some high-ranked cell biology laboratories in India. Spare some time to go through the listing to get the appropriate destination for your project.

Have you ever fallen ill? Most probably, it happens when your cells get affected by harmful chemicals/toxins from bacteria cells available in the malign food. Whenever someone falls ill, the disease arrives to impact the human biology at a cell or molecular level. Similarly, physical injuries also cause damage at cell levels. Hence, cell biologists working in the field of plant, medical science and animal will be able to formulate new vaccines and medicines by understanding the biological systems and functioning of cells.

Understanding Cell Biology and its Techniques

Cell biology is an independent branch of biology that stresses the study and analysis of the cell, the basic unit of life. It strives to diagnose the structure, functioning and behavior of cells to elaborate on its overall impact on human life and the ecosystem. Being a fundamental unit of life, a cell is responsible for the living and functioning of various organisms. All living organisms are developed of cells.

Further, cell biology is the study of functional and structural patterns of cells, including both Eukaryotic Cells and Prokaryotic Cells. Also, it involves numerous subtopics such as;

  • Cell communication
  • Cell metabolism
  • Biochemistry
  • Cell cycle
  • Cell composition

Cell biologists manage to utilize several microscopic techniques (cell fractionation and cell culture) to examine cells. Therefore, research in cell biology further incorporates several other fields i.e. molecular genetics, molecular biology, genetics, immunology, and cytochemistry etc.

Best Techniques Used in Cell Biology Labs

Aforementioned are some of the widely-used techniques in cell biology laboratories:

  • Immunofluorescence Microscopy
  • Ion-Exchange Chromatography
  • Affinity Chromatography
  • Partition and Adsorption Chromatography
  • Gel Filtration Chromatography
  • Radioactive Tracer Technique
  • Radioimmunoassay (RIA)
  • Enzyme Immunoassay
  • Spectroscopy
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR)

Overall, cell biology is a significant organ of biology that dares to study the prime unit of life. Since the whole ecosystem revolves around and is developed of cells, cell biology helps study the minor living organisms to generate in-depth insights into human health.

Top Cell Biology Services Labs in India | Best Cell Biology Laboratories in India

This section of the episode is the integration of some commendable cell biology service laboratories based in India. The Indian healthcare system reflects monstrous infrastructures and medical profiles to cater to the health requirements of communities. Clinical laboratories and research centers are critical elements in the appropriate flow and execution of health services in the country. Without creating any further ado, let’s explore the top cell biology labs in India:

AAL Biosciences Research Pvt. Ltd.

Doubtlessly, AAL Biosciences is a proficient and recognized laboratory and research organization in India. It is an ISO 9000:2015 enterprise with ethical values and hygienic work atmospheres in the real course of action. Further, the clinical laboratory brings ultra-advanced health protocols to diagnose and cure diseases with perfection. The medical lab delivers all sorts of lab testing services to be the leading unit in the domain.

At AAL Biosciences, we have state-of-the-art mechanisms and laboratory equipment in collaboration with well-trained and qualified personnel. Also, it implements modern lab machines such as LAB-III as well as other creative tools to design the best and accurate results. We extend collaborative efforts in the right direction to convey satisfactory results to clients. In the zone of cell biology, AAL Biosciences triggers advanced tactics and medical ideologies to accommodate a diverse range of critical projects confidently.

While analyzing the service portfolio, the medical lab retains several types of testing and diagnosis facilities for customers:

  • Genomics
  • Proteomics
  • Biochemical Assay
  • Biopharmaceutical Services
  • Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Microbial Testing

Ultimately, you will have the one-stop destination to support your versatile projects with industry professionals. 100% customer satisfaction, quality assurance, excellent feedback and timely delivery of reports are some of the scintillating features of the best cell biology lab in India.

Contact Details

Address: SCO 134 Sector 14 Panchkula Haryana – 134113

Phone: +917087404026

Mail[email protected]

Micro Therapeutic Research Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Popularly known as MTRL, the clinical laboratory endeavors to strive for the betterment of clients in the domain of clinical lab testing. It furnishes world-standard facilities to deliver accurate cell biology lab solutions to clients.


A cell biology laboratory is a place to conduct various types of scientific activities and experiments with the basic unit of life – the cell. Cell biologists manage the study of cell structures, functions and behaviors in different living organisms and atmospheres. It helps professionals understand the prime nature of the tiniest living organisms and the way it impacts the overall ecosystem. If you are searching for the best cell biology lab in India, the aforementioned listing of some top cell biology services labs in India is likely to pacify your quest.

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