Clone Construction and Gene Expression Testing Lab in Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula – The need for laboratory data has expanded several times in today’s worldwide markets, with a rising emphasis on quality, accuracy, and dependability of data is also a major problem. Our Clone construction and Gene Expression testing credentials speak for themselves. Also, our professional engineers have vast experience and understanding of Clone Construction and Gene Expression. We also help our clients anticipate and minimize potential issues and delays. If you are looking for a Clone construction and Gene Expression testing lab in Chandigarh then AAL Biosciences Research Pvt. Ltd is a considerable option for you. 

To know more about our business profile you can contact us at +917087404026 or just drop a mail at [email protected]. Our team is always ready for your help and to solve your logistical problems. Our research lab is equipped with the latest sophisticated testing equipment for providing serval testing such as Food Testing, Genomics, Proteomics, Microbial Testing, and Biochemical & Biopharmaceutical Services. 

What is Clone Construction? A Quick Synopsis

Clone Construction materials testing is a thorough examination of all structural materials utilized in a project’s construction. Industry players must ensure that their goods can resist harsh circumstances and adhere to increasingly complex national and international building codes and regulations. Building projects may be delayed and quality may be affected if they are unable to do so, resulting in increased liability risks and a shorter asset lifespan.

Examples include earthwork, shallow and deep foundations, destructive and non-destructive concrete testing, wood construction observations, structural masonry, structural steel, sprayed-on fireproofing, roofing evaluation, and testing, and asphalt pavement evaluation and testing.

Gene Expression – A Fundamental Overview

Gene expression testing is a sort of personalized medicine that allows you to learn more about your cancer and tailor your treatment accordingly. Following surgery or a biopsy, these tests are conducted on breast cancer cells to assess the patterns of different genes. Gene Expression Testing is another name for this method or test.

Gene expression refers to the process by which the information stored in a gene is utilized to drive the assembly of a protein molecule. The gene sequence is read by the cell in three-base groups. Each three-base group (codon) corresponds to one of the 20 amino acids used in the protein’s construction.

Welcome to AAL Biosciences Research! Top Clone Construction and Gene Expression Testing Lab in Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula: 

As a Top Leading Research Lab in Tricity, we are fully equipped with scientific equipment that meets international quality requirements for giving reliable findings. Analysis of Vitro diagnostics solutions, including personalized medicine, molecular diagnostics, clinical chemistry and immunoassays, point of care testing, patient self-testing, next-generation sequencing, genomics, and proteomics solutions, is one of our areas of competence. It has ISO 9000:2015 and 13485:2016 certifications. AAL Biosciences Research, being a highly trusted firm, places a great value on quality.

Quality assurance may be characterized as a method for recording and cross-referencing the laboratory’s management practices. It also refers to the entire set of methods used to assure the reliability of laboratory results. Quality assurance may be characterized as a method for recording and cross-referencing the laboratory’s management practices. Its goal is to keep clear and simple records of all activities that may have an impact on data quality, so that these procedures may be monitored to ensure quality is maintained.

Benefits of choosing AAL Bioscience Research: 

  • 100% quality assurance
  • Advanced packaging
  • 100% quality assurance
  • ISO, WHO & GMP Certified
  • High-tech formulation
  • World-class infrastructure
  • Quick Work on feedback
  • 24/7 services availability

The Role of Quality Assurance in Our Laboratory: 

Quality assurance may be characterized as a method for recording and cross-referencing the laboratory’s management practices. Also, it refers to the full range of practices to ensure that laboratory results are reliable. Its objective is to have clear and concise records of all procedures that may have a bearing on the quality of data, so that these procedures may be monitored to ensure that quality is maintained. 

The Quality Assurance position is involved in the following areas of implementation:

  • System of management
  • Receiving, storing, and destroying samples
  • Preparation of standard test and operational procedures for training.
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Equipment should be serviced and calibrated regularly.
  • Customer complaints, feedback, and questions are handled.

Services that AAL Biosciences Research offered at Reasonable Rates: 

Because of our ethical and open business practices, we are a well-known name in the industry. Because of our services, we are regarded as the most important entity in the pharmaceutical industry:

Food Testing

  • Vitamin Testing
  • Allergen Testing
  • Basmati Rice Testing
  • Glycemic Index Testing
  • GMO Testing
  • Food Pathogen Testing


  • Oligo Synthesis
  • Sanger Sequencing
  • Gene synthesis
  • Micro Arrays
  • Next-Generation Sequencing
  • qPCR & RT-qPCR


  • Protein Characterization
  • Western Blot
  • Customized Protein Services

Microbial Testing: 

  • Microbial Identification
  • Virus testing
  • Microbial challenge test
  • Animal Virus Testing
  • Exotic viruses in seeds
  • Testing of pharmaceutical compounds for adventitious viruses

Biochemical And Biopharmaceutical Services: 

  • Protein quantification
  • Enzyme assays
  • ELISA Kit development 
  • Cell Banking

We encourage environmental action in partnership with volunteer and community groups, in addition to providing 100% accurate findings. Our team advocates for energy-saving measures and works to achieve global sustainability.

Contact Details

AAL BioSciences Research Pvt. Ltd.

Address: SCO 134 Sector 14 Panchkula Haryana – 134113

Phone: +917087404026

Mail[email protected]

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