Fluorescent Microscopy Testing Lab in Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula – Fluorescent microscopy is the process of identifying the properties of organic or inorganic substances. It is the same array of systems that executes fluorescence and phosphorescence. It is a method looking the same as a conventional light microscope with additional features to extend its capabilities. AAL Biosciences Research Pvt. Ltd. is a professional and well-managed fluorescent microscopy testing laboratory in Chandigarh. It supports clients with accurate lab testing and research solutions for multiple specimens and samples. Call Now: +917087404026.

In the world of medical technology, laboratories have gone through a progressive stint with fascinating value and approach. The healthcare sector in India continues to register impeccable milestones and furnish advanced treatment protocols for better health across communities. AAL Biosciences Research is introduced to convey proficient medical and clinical lab solutions in Mohali. It is a versatile organization with a good track record in the respective field and the successful execution of advanced patterns and technological systems.

What is Fluorescent Microscopy Testing and How Does it Work?

Fluorescent Microscopy testing is a procedure that unites two inspection methods commonly used for the detection of surface anomalies. It considers profiles such as porosity, delamination, cracks, laps, and other discontinuities. Further, this collaborative mechanism is stressed to illustrate and resolve surface anomalies due to the irreversible infiltration with a fluorescent marker. Therefore, fluorescent-driven inspection systems are critically recommended by different international regulations as well as reference books.

Moreover, fluorescence is the release of light observed when some chemical organs, organic compounds and other confined materials are irradiated. It implements typical short-wavelength UV light. Some of the key characteristics of the technique are as follow:

  • Cost-effective
  • Non-destructive character
  • Requires sample preparation
  • Higher sensitivity

How does it Work?

The systematic framework of fluorescent microscopy testing involves plenty of reliable steps and procedures. The sample of interest is labeled with a fluorescent substance that is also known as a fluorophore. It is further then illuminated through the specific lens with a higher energy source. The illumination light is absorbed by the fluorophore and forces them to release a longer lower energy wavelength light. Now, this fluorescent light can be departed from the surrounding radiation with filters constructed for that specific wavelength.


Well, the refinement of epi-fluorescent microscopes and the creation of more powerful focused light sources cause more technically sound scopes i.e. the confocal laser scanning microscopes and TIRF (Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence) microscopes.

  • Presenting structural elements of small specimens
  • Imaging the genetic material within a cell
  • Performing violability studies on cell populations
  • Monitoring specific cells within a larger population using techniques such as FISH

AAL Biosciences Research Pvt. Ltd. | Best Fluorescent Microscopy Testing Lab in Chandigarh

AAL Biosciences Research Pvt. Ltd. has achieved the apex point of excellence and competency in the medical laboratory domain. Since its evolution in 2021, the clinical testing unit and research center based in Panchkula replenishes the old-age methodologies and introduces advanced patterns in laboratory affairs. Further, the medical laboratory performs dedicated efforts to curate exceptional results for clients against a multitude of specimens and samples. It is a perfect package of innovation, commitment and persistency to show unmatched dedication and dexterity in the ambiance.

In a pool of accommodations stuffed with modern-age services, the laboratory & research center compiles a range of facilities for clients. As far as fluorescent microscopy testing is concerned, AAL Biosciences offers magnificent services by implementing ultra-advanced modules and strategic prospects. We at the research organization perform exquisite plans to cater to clients’ diversifying requirements in the biopharmaceutical zone. Our team of qualified scientists and lab technicians conduct a set of advanced techniques under fluorescent microscopy processes:

  • Fluorescent Widefield Microscopy
  • Point Scanning Confocal Microscopy
  • Parallelized Confocal Microscopy
  • 2-Photon Microscopy
  • Light Sheet Microscopy
  • Super-Resolution Microscopy
  • Total Internal Reflection Microscopy

Why are We the Best Pick for You?

AAL Biosciences Research is the topmost choice for clients who desire to contain reliable, accurate and affordable laboratory solutions. At AAL Biosciences, we possess the following qualities:

  • ISO 9000:2015, WHO-GMP authentication
  • Advanced equipment
  • Faster laboratory results and reports
  • Modern labs such as BSL-III (Chapter-11-enabled)
  • High-tech infrastructure
  • The superior formulation of ingredients
  • 100% quality assurance
  • State-of-the-art packaging tactics
  • A creative team of professionals and lab technicians
  • LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Software) management system
  • Good customer feedback
  • 100% Accurate results

Contact Details

AAL Bio Sciences Research Pvt. Ltd.

Address: SCO 134 Sector 14 Panchkula Haryana – 134113

Phone: +917087404026

Mail[email protected]

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