Top Molecular Biology Lab in India – Molecular biology is a diversified branch of biology. A molecular biology laboratory is an organization where the molecular basis of biological activities is studied and managed. When we come to analyze the lab testing infrastructures pan India, numerous service providers emerge to support clients’ projects across the given phenomenon. Do you look for the best molecular biology laboratory in India? Find this guide perfectly designed to accommodate your search! It demonstrates the listing of some proficient molecular biology labs in India. Continue reading!

An organ of biology, molecular biology intends to understand the molecular basis of biological activities. It scrutinizes cells to inspect molecular synthesis, mechanisms, interactions and modifications. Further, it is the study of the physical and chemical structure of biological macromolecules that was first illustrated as an approach that stressed the underpinnings of biological systems. A molecular biology laboratory is an institution to perform multiple activities to investigate the relationships between different molecular arrangements and biological activities.

Molecular Biology: Integrated Functions of Different Molecules

The concept of molecular biology is a universal phenomenon. It is a composition of diversified molecules that interact with each other in living and non-living organisms. It is the study of the interaction between different molecules in living organisms to manage functions of life. Hence, molecular biology is an evolutionary branch of biology that takes the molecular basis of various biological activities under consideration.

Further, molecular biology is a scientific procedure to scrutinize the structure, processing, function evolution and regulation of biological molecules as well as their interrelated interactions to obtain a better understanding of how life works. Across every living thing, there are several sorts of molecules. But molecular biologists focus on only the following two integrations:

    • Proteins
    • Genes

Both these molecules are critically analyzed to collect thorough knowledge regarding the prime consideration. Proteins have a massive diversity of functions to perform in living organisms. On the other hand, genes strive to create information that is needed to make more proteins.

Proteins and Genes: Relationship Complexities

Molecular biologists find a complex nature of relationships between these two critical prospects. Genes are home to a pool of information amalgamated on gigantic nucleic acid molecules. Proteins, on the other side, are molecules in their own natures that further encourage biologists to perform significant study sessions.

Therefore, molecular biologists proceed to identify and understand the coordination between both substances in the following ways:

    • Proteins can regulate and impact each other
    • Respond to signals from cells and genes

Top Molecular Biology Labs in India | Best Molecular Biology Laboratories in India

The field of molecular biology has been diversified with the inculcation of the latest technologies and scientific advancements. If you possess some molecular-based projects and desire to capture accurate laboratory results, make sure to attend a professional entity in the circle. Well, this section of the post stresses some top-class and reputed clinical and medical laboratories based in India to manage molecular biology testing procedures. Let’s explore the collection without creating any further ado.

AAL Biosciences Research Pvt. Ltd.

Considering the pioneer of the lab industry is likely to acquaint you with the superior authority named AAL Biosciences Research Pvt. Ltd. It is a professional medical lab and research center to accommodate clients’ magnified projects across multiple niches. Further, AAL Biosciences came into existence in 2021 with a kind objective of delivering accurate and scientific solutions in the medical lab fraternity. Customers come to snatch high-profile integrations by acquiring excellent healthcare parameters through scientific tools and equipment.

Moreover, AAL Biosciences introduces innovative strategies in collaboration with sensible thoughts of qualified personnel and advanced machinery. It commits to deriving extraordinary results by implementing state-of-the-art technologies and meaningful concepts. Clients can approach the ISO-certified organization to collect accurate results under clinical, medical and research corridors. With the help of vastly experienced staff individuals, the research center provides 100% customer satisfaction and resilient health prospects altogether.

In terms of molecular biology services, AAL Biosciences integrates a comprehensive suite of different laboratory methods. The team of molecular biologists brings forward the extensive use of the following techniques to manage biological functions:

    • Polymerase
    • Molecular cloning
    • Gel electrophoresis
    • Blotting
    • Chain reaction

In addition to molecular biological lab services, AAL Biosciences also endeavors to serve customers with a range of following services under the same roof:

    • Genomics
    • Proteomics
    • Biopharmaceutical services
    • Microbial testing
    • Biochemical assay
    • Genetically modified organisms

Contact Details

AAL Bio Sciences Research Pvt. Ltd.

Address: SCO 134 Sector 14 Panchkula Haryana – 134113

Phone: +917087404026

Mail[email protected]

Acentric Biotech & Research Laboratory

It is an innovative lab and research center for multiple pharmaceutical and biopharma disciplines. It strives to conquer the main motive to deliver science-backed results in a real-life environment. Further, the ISO-acknowledged laboratory launches high-tech technologies and integrated mechanisms to support clients with excellent molecular biology solutions.


In the realm of medical proficiencies, the demand for competent medical laboratories and research centers has grown exponentially. This blog has illustrated some of the selected molecular biology labs in India that clients can approach to gain superior results. It will help you get in touch with the best molecular biology lab to enjoy professional assistance.

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